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South Congregational Church, Granby, CT

We are an intergenerational organization whose mission is to create and produce confident and quality theater for the enrichment, education, and entertainment of the community. We are committed to collaborate and share resources, to cultivate creativity and build community. We strive to amuse, inspire, and uplift one another through the magic that is live theater. We welcome all individuals, young and old, novice and professional, actor and accountant, to join our vision for great theater and even better company.

Good Company Theater will be holding auditions for Memory Palace on Monday, September 8 at 6:00 p.m. South Church Congregational Fellowship Hall, 242 Salmon Brook Street, Granby, CT.

Parts for five (5) women to portray characters aged thirty through eighty. One (1) sixteen year old girl, two (2) ten year old boys and two (2) men to play characters from fifty to eighty years old.

Also seeking a stage manager. Stage manager required to attend all rehearsals.

Memory Palace is the funny, poignant and powerful story of one family's journey through life and the effects of Alzheimer's. The weaving and unweaving of one story with another as each character portrays him or herself in the past and present.

Please email goodcompanytheater@gmail.com with any questions.


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