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Theater Location:
South Congregational Church
242 Salmon Brook Street
Granby, CT 06035

Mailing address:
Good Company Theater
P.O. Box 84
Granby, CT 06035

Other Theater Locations

Granby Memorial High School Auditorium, 315 Salmon Brook Street, Granby, CT

The history of Good Company Theater "is long and involved and begins with Nikki recognizing my face on a WANTED poster at the Post Office and realizing that I am her older brother whom she had never met, because I had been stolen from the hospital at birth. She found my wife and her soul sister, Sally, and together they sold everything they had to get me out of jail-- and asked me how I had spent my time there--and I told them I wrote a musical. So we produced it. Four times. Then we took a haitus, getting the children in our lives out of the way, and one day decided to produce "Godspell" in a closet. We sent out a carrier pigeon to our old compatriot, Ruthie Babich. She blew the shofar and gretchen Sausville among others answered the call. Out of the forest came Deb Torgersen, and Cortney and Michael and a host of others, and somehow, someway, they all fit in the closet--along with the audience, which was very appreciative. Since we had been so intimate in such a close space, we decided to make the relationship official--and voila--we all said "I do" and lifted a glass, and Good Company theater was legal. After which, we jammed our town into a closet and squeezed enough tears out of everyone to fill the Salmon Brook."
—Denny Moon